2022 speakers

This year's Scaletech faculty joins us across a range of in-person and online gatherings. Some will host intimate AMAs in a virtual setting; others may drop in as special guests for our in-person dinners in NYC and San Francisco; and many will take the stage at our live event in Toronto in October.

Our goal is to prepare a future generation of founders by connecting them to knowledge and networks that will help them thrive. Throughout the Scaletech series, participants will have a chance to learn invaluable lessons from founders and leaders who've honed their craft at some of the world’s best-known tech startups.

Hilary Mason

Co-founder and CEO, Hidden Door

Michael Casey

Chief Content Officer, Coindesk

Leslie Fine

General Partner, Enjoy the Work

Sean Lynch

Chief Product Officer, Census

Jon Gosier

Founder & CEO, FilmHedge

Katherine Homuth

Founder & CEO, Sheertex

Lenny Rachitsky

Author, LennysNewsletter.com

Shellye Archambeau

Author, Unapologetically Ambitious

Anil Dash

Head of Glitch & VP, Developer Experience, Fastly

Umair Mansoor

Managing Director and North American Market Leader, BMO Technology & Innovation Banking