About Scaletech

Emerging technologies like data science, cloud computing, virtual platforms, and AI promise to transform every organization they touch—upending entire industries. At the same time, the way we build those organizations is changing rapidly, from distributed teams to brand trust to automation. It’s never been a better—or more challenging—time to be a leader.

Each year, growth-stage founders, business pioneers, analysts, and hard-core technologists gather to share lessons about scaling both technologies, and the businesses that deliver them. The event is an invite-only conference where senior executives in both startups and corporate IT can speak candidly about their unique challenges.

Scaletech is about thriving while growing, but also about leveraging new technologies that give startups competitive advantage while building sustainable defensive moats. Since its founding, the conference has broadened its scope to include both the building of technology at scale, and the successful delivery of those products within organizations.


Farrah Bostic takes the stage at Scaletech 2019.Farrah Bostic takes the stage at Scaletech 2019. Photo courtesy of Eva Blue.


While the conference began in 2018 as a way for startup executives to learn from experts and speak candidly about the unique challenges of product, tech, and organizational growth, it has evolved since its inception.

  • In 2020, facing the restrictions of the COVID pandemic, we turned into a series of virtual events featuring pioneers in AI and data science. We focused on the lifecycle of AI-driven product delivery, from scoping and design through engineering, testing, and delivery.
  • In 2021, Embrase and Georgian added a third partner, the International Institute of Analytics, to bring the users of data-driven startups into the conversation. This group of over 200 analytics executives from some of the world’s most respected companies broadens the conversation from building startups, to delivering and building atop technology within large organizations.

Scaletech exists to create great conversations among senior executives about product-led growth, data as a competitive advantage, and technology leadership. As we continue to grow the event, we’re always looking for ways to encourage candid sharing in trusted forums between some of the world’s foremost thinkers on entrepreneurship, technology, and business.