October 23, 2019  7:45 PM – 8:15 PM

From $0K to $1B: Ten things that could happen to you (and probably will)

From billion dollar idea to billion dollar business, there are certain key inflection points- moment along that growth journey- where what has worked up to that point, will not work for the next stage of the journey.

In this talk I will share some of the watershed moments I have seen at venture backed startups, at private companies, at newly IPO’d and fast growing Fortune 500 companies, when my team and I realized that something that used to work well simply wasn’t working anymore. Whether it was the team, or the technology, or new market developments, I will share some ideas and perspective on how to recognize key inflection points in the business, and creatively and constructively respond to them.

This is a story of numbers, of changing market dynamics, and hard lessons learned along the hypergrowth journey.