The 2019 Conference


Growth-stage companies face the challenge of being big enough to attract the attention of powerful incumbents, but not yet well enough entrenched to defend themselves in the marketplace. They need an unfair advantage.

Scaletech is how you stay ahead. It's about using emerging technologies to gain market advantage, build competitive moats, and scale exponentially while maintaining your innovation lead.

The Scaletech Conference is an invite-only gathering of leading growth stage founders, business pioneers, analysts, and technologists. We focus on finding asymmetric technology advantage.


October 23

A select group of growth-stage executives will gather to learn how to put asymmetric technology to work. Dive deep into machine learning, AI, and data science; distributed privacy; ubiquitous sensors; and more. We’ll tackle the real challenges of turning new tech into proven operational processes, and of bringing that to market at scale.

The event is taking place at the spectacular Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto, and is being co-hosted by Georgian Partners as part of its annual Portfolio Event. 

Meet - Learn - Share - Adapt - Scale

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