Two Great Tastes

Published On Aug 6, 2021

We launched Scaletech in 2018 to focus on two facets of scale: Managing rapid product, tech, and culture growth within data-centric tech startups; and using technologies like AI and Data Science to find asymmetric advantage. Since that first event, we’ve heard from dozens of executives at the forefront of tech and business.

It’s been a remarkable few years, and many of our speakers are folks who seldom take the stage, sharing candid truths with a trusted audience. But something has always been missing from the conversation: The customer.

Tech doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is a means to an end, and it serves a purpose. It’s not about whether a startup can build a better mousetrap—it’s about catching more mice. Lots can go wrong between product launch and return on investment. Delivery matters.

At the same time, those customers aren’t passive stakeholders. Many of them aren’t just consumers of the technology startups provide; they’re building products of their own, standing atop the foundations startups have build. Where once an analytics team at a car manufacturer might have produced weekly sales reports, now they’re building real-time tools to give dealerships an edge, or to make the factory floor more efficient.

Conversations about successful delivery, and about product-led growth within customers, have long been elephants in the room—everyone knows they’re there, but nobody talks about them. With this year’s Scaletech, we’re changing that.

The International Institute for Analytics is one of the most respected, longest-running organizations working on data and technology. Founded a decade ago by Jack Phillips and Thomas H. Davenport (author of the landmark Competing On Analytics), the IIA represents Chief Data Officer and their teams at over 200 global companies including household names like Campbells Soup, John Deere, McDonalds, Southwest, Walt Disney, and Michelin.


You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!
Ah, the eighties—when you could walk down the street eating peanut butter with your Walkman on.


The IIA’s goals—building and growing the impact of analytics and data on business—line up perfectly with what we tackle at Scaletech. We’re changing the structure of the event, too: One day focused on building scale-stage startups, with the calibre of speaker you’ve come to expect from one of the most content-rich startup events in the world; and one day focused on successful delivery and product-led growth in enterprise analytics in the form of the IIA’s Fall Symposium.

It’s an exciting shift that brings together tech creators and tech users. We’re running it under strict no-pitch rules—in fact, revenue-focused executives aren’t allowed to attend Deliver Day.

If you’re a scale-stage executive in a rapidly growing startup, or a senior analytics professional in a leadership role at a global corporation, you can apply to attend the event this September, 2021.